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Gateway to the Gulf, Orange Beach, AL USA
Maps and Directions to Orange Beach Marina
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Street Map and Directions

Boat Map and Directions



To reach Orange Beach Marina from the Intra-Coastal Waterway:
1. At the ICW marker #57, turn S passing on the W side of #57. Proceed S approximately ½ mile passing in between 17 and 18 on your way to #15. Keep #15 to starboard at which point of passing turn almost due W keeping #13 to starboard as you continue to red #12 on your portside. After #12, make a dogleg to your port on the way to #11 and #9 keeping 50-75' off the starboard side of the channel. Continue down the channel favoring the red buoy side for best water.

2. As you approach the Perdido Pass Bridge do not pass under it toward the Gulf but parallel it in the channel running E/W along the N side of the bridge. At the western end of the bridge there are 2 channels, one going W into Cotton Bayou, the other going N from marker #8 and #9. This will take you into Terry Cove as you pass the boat ramp on the W side (port). Just past this ramp is the last Coast Guard marker #12. Look due W (about 150 - 200 yards) to see markers #1 and #2. These markers curve southward and then westward along private docks and residences. Follow them keeping red to the starboard and at the very end you will see the Marina’s private channel which runs due S.

To reach Orange Beach Marina from the Gulf of Mexico:
After passing the Perdido Pass sea buoy, proceed between Markers 1 & 2 at the jetty. Channel runs along W jetty to Perdido Pass where there are two marked passages under the bridge. Take either one and then follow directions listed above number 2. N into Terry Cove, W into channel leading to OBM private channel.
Map to OBM by Boat

Note: The passage into OBM is easy, has good water, and has been consistent for many years. However, tide, wind, and changing conditions can influence depth and channel placement. OBM takes no responsibility for their accuracy. Please call (251) 981-4207 or Channel 16/69 VHF for the latest update.

Your passage and stay at the OBM facility will be a delightful highlight of your trip.
Boats that visit with us always come back.
The sun never sets at OBM


251.981.4207     27075 Marina Road  Orange Beach, AL 36561
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